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 Research And Development

Our Research & Development on Motorcycle protective clothing and Gloves work continuously to strategic planning for road safety. So can come up with new ground in facilitating our consumer can enjoy the latest tech which consists with the blending of "protection" and “comfort”.
Therefore we always design our products technically with the help of using the best materials available for that appropriate position.  We always keep connected with European testing laboratories which keeps our RnD team updated with all the upcoming EU testing classifications and this make us eligible to introduce the products that get certified according to the new standards.
All our product are follow the EU standards, other path has been the search for a way to shield the rider from the impact of a collision. Essentially the objective is to devise a means of absorbing and distributing the energy in an impact to divert pressure. With all above information our RnD team keeps on introducing the new techniques of manufacturing to our production team, the techniques those can help to increase the quality and efficiency. Such as effective ways for cutting, stitching, supervisions and requisition. On the other hand associate design department keep on following the latest blogs and market leaders to keep their designs as per latest Fashion.