Natural Look
A lightly oiled finish make these large leather hides the
number one choice for the best saddle and chap. Semi
naked, full grained hides with a natural look. The light oils
make these leather hides water repellant. The gentle soft hand touch make these hides perfect for saddle seats and work boots.

SCSL - 001

Caramel Deer Softy Leather Cow Hide

SCSL - 002

Black Deer Softy Leather Cow Hide
SCSL - 003

Brown Deer Softy Leather Cow Hide
SCSL - 004

Brown Saddle Leather Hide

SCSL - 005

Black Saddle Leather Hide
Corrected Grain Leather Hides
Corrected grain leather hides are buffed and sanded so
lightly that the durability and strength are unaffected.
Buffing and impregnation create a very tight grain structure
with very uniform finish and thickness.

SCSL - 011

Royo Pull Up Hide

SCSL - 012

Brown Pull Up Hide
SCSL - 013

Sea Mist Distressed Hide
SCSL - 014

SCSL - 015

SCSL - 016

SCSL - 017

SCSL - 018

Clay Light Weight Hide
SCSL - 019

Black Cherry Medium Weight Hide
Oil Tanned Leather Hides
Choose oil-tanned leather hides for projects that require
durability and flexibility. Perfect for belts, wallets, tool
belts & pouches, work boots & shoes. Oil-tanned leather
can be distinguished from other leathers by it's waxy

SCSL - 031

SCSL - 032

SCSL - 033

Sea Mist-Distressed Buffalo Hide
SCSL - 034

Pull-up Buffalo Hide